University of Aleppo

About the university, It was established since the 1958.


The Proposed Mission of Aleppo University


Aleppo University is a pioneering state academic institution with rich heritage . It works within the framework of the educational and cultural policy of the Syrian Arab Republic to serve the community . It aims at educating academic, creative, promising, and efficient national workforce with much potential and awareness, by setting up the appropriate environment, which allows for continuous updating, and development of educational and academic research programmes. Such an environment will provide support for academic research and knowledge to achieve continuous interaction and communication with the World's cultural and scientific progress. Moreover, Aleppo University provides the community with its various needs to effect a comprehensive and everlasting human development and to set the ground for national, regional, and international competition.

Vice Dean's/Manager's: 

Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abdallah
Vice President for Scientific Affairs: Prof. Dr. Nawar Kadan
Vice President for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies: Prof. Dr. George Janji
Vice President for Open Learning: Prof. Dr. Souheil Alcheikh

University President: 

Prof. Dr. Moustafa Afyouni

Trustees of the University: 

Dr. AbdulKader Habbache
Vice: Dr. Mohamad Mohyeddin

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